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Thursday – a good day

Posted by willkay on February 11, 2010

At the end of every day I go back to the classroom for my laptop, my lunchbox, and the pile of marking that needs to go home with me. Since the value of the month is neatness, and the sentence of the week is: I will keep my school clean and tidy, I have been awarding extra points to the groups whose work area is (in my opinion) clean, neat, and tidy. Yesterday I expressed my astonishment that Miss Marcella hadn’t found the sixth grade “impeccable” (to use Miss Lilian’s expression). Yesterday afternoon, I encouraged the sixth grade to take special care of the floor, their desks, and their cubbies (it was especially good to see Alejandro sorting out another pupil’s cubby). Today that extra effort was rewarded as the sixth grade classroom was selected as one of the cleanest! This means that we are now in the running for an extra five minutes of recess on Friday. An extra five minutes! Let’s hope that the classroom was left in an impeccable state today.

Professor Mauricio has added another dimension to the curriculum over the last couple of weeks. I am not a great believer in teaching IT for IT’s sake. I feel that it should be taught as an integral part of the curriculum, used in all subjects, rather than being a subject on its own. This Professor Mauricio has done. Instead of the computer lesson being a lesson about computers, he has instead picked a subject and integrated computers into that. This is, of course, the way that computers are used in real life. A computer isn’t the be all and end all in most people’s lives, it is an added aside. True, it is something that we all use, but it is a tool. In the last couple of weeks, Professor Mauricio has been working with the sixth grade, building their levels of teamwork. Last week this resulted in the lesson with “the parachute” (I published a set of pictures from the lesson here). This week’s lesson was still based on teamwork but involved computers. Working, as a team, the students had to try to keep a ball in the air, on a computer screen. Each person in the team had a key to press to help coordinate a computer image, as that image played keepie-uppie. I took some pictures of the lesson (which can be found on my Flickr page) and a video of the event:

After the computer lesson, the science exam. This ended up taking far longer than expected. So long, in fact, that it seriously dented Miss Claudia’s time. She needed the lesson to review for tomorrow’s History exam. This meant that the History lesson went on after recess. The hour that was left of the day was spent in: returning the English exams; finishing reading the story “Learning to Swim“; and practice for The Honour Guard.

I would like to add that I thought the behaviour in recess was wonderful. There had been a problem with the use of “the house” yesterday with the fifth grade. Today the sixth grade took the mature approach and altered their game so that it didn’t interfere with the fifth grade. I was very impressed with their attitude and their choice of solution to the problem. Well done!

Attendance: All present.


  • History: midterm exam tomorrow.
  • Reading Log: Needs to be brought in tomorrow
  • Music Lesson: Any equipment/instruments needed for the talent show
  • Reading

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