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Posted by willkay on February 4, 2010

And we were doing so well with the whole Punctuality thing. So very well. So well in fact that when Miss Lilian announced that there would be another Punctuality competition this month and the prize would be no uniform, I started to plan what I would wear. Of course, that is exacty the point when two students turned up late. Ho hum. With all the students not speaking English before morning line up, followed by some not very good marching, I started to have the feeling that this was going to be a very long day. And then there was computer class.

Computer class was brilliant. Professor Mauricio continued with his theme of team building, working together. Today’s was spent in an exercise with, what can only be described as, a parachute. Much fun was had by everyone. I took lots of pictures which, after Maria has worked on them, I will upload to my Flickr page.

Before I started the Maths lesson it was time to give out team points. Yesterday I had been very remiss in my points giving, I had not been action-positive. After this morning’s bad start, I decided to be action-positive from the get go. Points for teams who had left their work area tidy, points for girls whose hair was correct (hey, if I give points for boys with their shirts tucked in I should give points for hair too), points for homework diaries that were signed, points for the groups who I didn’t have to ask to stop talking yesterday. The class really need to come together, to work with each other. This is their last year at Elementary school. This will be the year that they remember the most. It will be more fun if they are together as a team, a single group. Hopefully, my being action-positive will help enable this. Points all round!

Maths was a continuation of yesterday’s lesson: review, review, review. Fractions under the four operations, algebraic expressions, solutions to equations, prime factorisation, and percents. Recess was spent trying to help Valerio out with his blog, which was slightly unsuccessful, since the internet was intermittent.

After recess it was Science, and a chance to review the experiments that we set in motion a week ago. The evaporation from the saucer had gone fairly successfully. It would have been improved if the weather had been warmer. The “frozen” water wasn’t. There was too much salt in the water, which meant that the freezing point had been lowered, lowered to a point below the school’s freezer’s ability. Jose Manuel’s experiment had started to work, it too suffered from a lack of warmth. We decided to try these experiments again, in May, when the weather would be more helpful.

While the Honour Guard practised, the rest of the class did Geography.We discussed the different revolutions that had happened in Central Europe. Each one with the same outcome, the release of their countries’ governments from Russian control. While the lesson was happening, I noticed a wonderful thing. Three students (Valerio, Carlo Ivan, and Miroslava) had collected The Honour Guard’s geography books, and were copying the notes down, into their books. This they did with out being asked, or even the idea having been suggested. I think this was a wonderful act, and they should be congratulated on their thoughtfulness and caring. And I got the chance to finish the day action-positive: points all round!

Attendance: One Absent


  • Maths: Study and Review: Four Operations with Fractions; Algebraic Expressions; Prime Factorisation; Percents
  • Reading Log: Reading Logs should be completed and in tomorrow.
  • Reading

4 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. scarlatte said

    Sorry that I did not go to school,thanks for the homework.=)

  2. chvz said

    jaja Mr.Kay I really like your page(: its so funny.

  3. chvz said

    OH AND MARIA THANKYOU!!! for being good with us and carrying about our pictures Mr.Kay Told us that you have being working in our pictures. I really appreciate 😉

  4. Monica said

    AWESOME pictures #4801&4797. Mr. Kay & Maria, thank you for beeing so nice to us.

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